Our neighbors need help and they need food.

Our neighbors are in crisis. Together WE can help them !

Our neighbors need help and they need food.  image




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Our neighbors are in crisis. Together WE can help them !

The Franciscan Center & Our Neighbors Need Your Help

The Franciscan Center in Baltimore.

Our Neighbors Are in Crisis. The Franciscan Center is asking the public for help so we can serve those in crisis.

The Franciscan Center is the 2nd largest Community Kitchen in Central Maryland. Our emergency pantry is the largest direct service pantry system in Central Maryland. Last year we distributed 6,753 grocery bags. Each bag contains enough food for 3 meals, for 3 people for 3 days. A family can only come to us once a month for these emergency grocery bags.

In Mid January we have seen a rapid increase in our meal program and the amount of people asking for help with emergency groceries. We currently have the budget to offer 35 bags a day, Monday through Thursday. On a usual day we "sell out" by 12:30 pm. Just this past week we have registered 56 NEW clients and nearly all of theme need help with emergency groceries.

With this SPECIAL fundraising campaign we are hoping to:

1. Increase our daily emergency grocery limit from 35 bags a day to 60 bags a day (week days) through March 1st.

2. Have the ability to increase the daily number of fresh, hot and healthy meals we serve. We serve lunch ( Monday through Friday) and dinner (Monday night through Wednesday night)

3. Become a tool and resource for local neighborhood food pantries throughout Baltimore which includes church and school pantries.

Can you help us ?

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We have to help our neighbors,

Jeff Griffin

Executive Director